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Long Emails will never work!
There are four great reasons not to send really long, big emails.
  1. Focus on the Customer
    Most marketers agree that you should focus on the customer. That means creating emails that are relevant, timely and, yes, short. We know that your content is gold and you’ve created images worthy of museums. Actually, we don’t. Keep it short. Focus on what your recipient wants to hear or know about — features, products, benefits that are relevant to him or her.

  2. TIME
    Short and sweet is the way to go with email. Some studies say people spend 10 – 20 seconds with an email they want to read, others say it can be as long as 50 seconds. Either way, it doesn’t end in minutes. Don’t try to include every piece of content, every image, every everything. Link to a website for more info. Emails should tease, condense, summarize. Unglaze the eyes and you’ll win customers.

  3. Deliverability
    Some email clients will mark as spam emails over a certain size or HTML length. So super-long emails may not make it to to the inbox in the first place. In addition, a lot of your recipients may take one look at a long email and mark it “later” or simply ignore it. Your email cannot perform well if it doesn’t get delivered, opened and read.

  4. Server Burden
    Your image heavy very long email also puts a burden on the server, and while most email servers are fast and powerful, that can still mean delays in delivering emails and possible failure. Why risk it. Email is about being timely and concise — and getting to the inbox.

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