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The Dominance of Email
Email is the primary activity among internet users of all ages. It is the lingua franca of the Internet. And we’re not seeing the much ballyhooed channel cannibalization. To the contrary, as mobile and social platforms gain popularity, we’re seeing an increase in email usage.
How dominant is email? Here are some stats to use at your next cocktail party:

  1. 75% of Indian Internet users have sent or read email.

  2. Email is the preferred method of commercial communication for nearly 75% of adults.

  3. If email were a country, its 1.4 billion users would make it the largest in the world. Bigger than China, bigger than the populations of the USA and European Union combined.

  4. 247 billion emails are sent each day. That’s one email every 0.00000035 of a second.

  5. 62% of Indian Internet users send or read email on a given day.

  6. There were 2.9 billion email accounts in 2010. This number is predicted to rise to over 3.8 billion by 2014.

  7. Email is the top mobile Internet activity. The average mobile user spends 25 minutes, or 41%, of every hour using email, a very high number considering that not all mobile devices support email.

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