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Top tips for boosting Email open rates
Some of our top tips for boosting your open rates.
  1. Are your opens being accurately tracked?
    First things first, are opens being accurately tracked? Systems track opens by the images that are loaded. If there are no images it rests on links being clicked. It’s good email practice to include a balance of text and images within your email and it’s especially important if you want to get an accurate picture of who is opening your email.

    • What to Do: ensure you have a healthy balance of images and text in your email (this is also good for ensuring your email doesn’t get marked as spam!).

  2. How obvious is it that the email is from you?  
    Before a subscriber opens your email the first thing they see is the subject line and from name, so a huge weight of importance rests on this information. A/B split test and check what works better. Always be consistent with your from name and address, the company name is always a good place to start!!

    • What to Do : First check that your from name and address is recognisable, and then run a split test to see how different subject lines perform.

  3. When are you sending your campaign?
    Do you have a set send time and do your subscribers know when to expect your email? A common trait we often spot is that emails are sent at random times of the day, and infrequently. There is a lot to be said for structuring a time of day on a specific day in the week. People like routine and they will learn to expect your email at a certain point in the week. The more they come to expect it, the more time they are likely to make for your email.

    • What to Do: What time and day saw the best results? When is a suitable (and feasible) time for you to be ready to send your email?

  4. Is your email engaging with subscribers?
    The key with your emails is that they should be building a relationship with subscribers, your potential customers. As such you need to ensure that you’re giving people a reason to open your email, engaging content is at the heart of email success. If you’re unsure what your subscribers want to hear from you, ask them. A little bit of honesty as well as asking for their opinion might add a nice tone to your emails.

    • What to Do: Give the people what they want! Is your email interesting enough to make people open future emails from you?

Try all these and let us know if you see the graph going up!
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